When we came to Strasbourg after a long trip, we met with other countries in another hotel. We had some ice breaking activities, then we were separated to groups:

1. The group is creating a manual for happiness, they need to make a poster for the presentation at the end of the meeting in Strasbourg. Firstly they’re trying to define what’s happiness, what makes them happy … Then they’re making a list / photo presentation of the things that make them happy like, family, friends, good grades etc. . And after that, they want to make a few notes, how to make your self happy, and about self care.

2. The second group is creating a list of woman rights that they want to implement. They’re firstly making a list of a few ones that are already implemented in the system. Then they’ll start to brainstorm ideas and write them down. After that they’ll separate the good ideas and the bad ones.

3. The third group is the webpage group, they’ll sustain the website, write daily blogs, reports of meetings and overall updating outsiders, and keeping them up to date with the project.

4. The fourth one is thinking about media. How should they act in disaster situations like whats happening in Ukraine, can they even talk uncensored, should they always tell the truth. They also touched on the social media, should they let their users to upload anything, should they censure messages in other countries etc.

5. The fifth group is working on a dictionary of happiness. They need to find some words that are associated with happiness, and they also decided to make some photos of this words. They separated in 2 smaller teams, one is taking the photos in the nature, one is writing the words for the dictionary

6. The sixth group is thinking about the ways we as a part of a society can contribute to the fight again racism. They figured that most of the time, people don’t get that others are people too, so we should educate them.

7. The seventh group is trying to inform people, that knowing your first language, and also other languages at least a bit, is good, it will be easier to learn new ones. They also are making a little list of words in their languages like: German, Slovenian, Slovakian, Hungarian …

So every group is working on its own. In every group there is at least 1 member of every country, but sometimes there’s multiple. We talk in English, and that’s how we met new friends. Everyday we have an hour where we can present the work we did that day to other groups, and we can exchange feedback. We also have some breaks, when we can hang out together, but sometimes we forget about the breaks, cause we’re working.