Our slovenian group arrived in Strasbourg at 21:00. First we  settled down at a hotel. Then about ten o`clock we went outside to find something to eat. We found a pizzeria, but we waited a long time for pizza and returned to the hotel at midnight.

The next day we met with other project members and after the meeting we returned to a hotel. After that we went outside for lunch but we splitted in two groups. First group went to a ˝fancy restaurant˝ and another group made up of boys went for kebabs. In the evening we went into the city center for dinner and we went to see the city sights. We also tried the traditional alsacian food the Flammekueche or tarte flambée.

On Friday we went to see European council and after that we went to a delicious lunch. At around five o`clock we went to town to visit some landmarks. We also visited a majestic cathedral Notre-Dame, and we went shopping. We also spent some time by the river Rhine.

Finally Saturday came and even though the weekend started, but we still had to work hard and finish the project work. We also went to city center again and we took a boat trip.